What is Psychiatry? – A Common Sense Guide, Part One

Psychiatry is an important and major specialty, which needs adequate attention from the physicians. Since this is a very sensitive one, the psychiatrists need to telepsychiatry spend more quality time in giving better patient care. But a great deal of their precious time is taken in documenting the psychiatry reports, thereby obstructing them, to provide proper care for the patients. To alleviate their burden, a number of cost-effective psychiatry transcription services have forayed into the market. These foremost services transcribe accurate and expeditious psychiatry reports, and deliver them to the physicians in quick turnaround time, thereby facilitating them to provide proper patient care.

Psychiatrists, who use the service of the in-house, were often faced with complexities such as delayed TAT, error filled reports, etc. These run-of- the mill services, at their own convenience, lethargically transcribe the file. They make the physicians to impatiently chew their nails making them to wait for long hours. They finally deliver the files after a prolonged wait of 36 hours. The delay opens a Pandora box, from which hitches erupt, in the form of irate patients, cold stares from the referrals physicians and vehement insurance agencies, thereby bringing the revenue cycle of the clinic to an abrupt halt.

The entire above mentioned bottle necks can be removed, if one solicits the service of a leading medical transcription service. These companies have proficient medical transcription experts on staff. These people are thoroughbred professionals in the psychiatry specialty. They are accustomed to the nitty gritty things, the lingos, slangs, etc.

These professional services provide transcription solutions at dirt cheap prices. To document a single line of 65 characters, they charge a mere 10¢. This economical rate is not feasible, if one uses the service of in-house. Those mediocre services levy all sort of miscellaneous charges and bring the amount to $35 to $38 to document a single line of 65 characters..

Some of the transcribing services support EMR dictations. These high-end services, integrate their online transcription module with a clinic’s EMR thereby establishing VPN (Virtual Private Network) Connectivity. The company’s duly HIPAA signed transcriber log into the EMR, retrieve the physician’s voice files, document and place it for the psychiatrist’s review.

Maintaining the secrecy and confidentially of the patient’s demographic information, is the first and foremost duty of these medical transcription companies. These dictation services stringently adhere to the HIPAA regulations. The patients’ clinical information is transferred as HL7 messages through secure FTP and secure 256 bit AES encrypted protocols.

To know more about the quality and accuracy of their services, a clinic can make use of their 7 day free trial offer. In this trail phase, they document some of the physician dictations and sent it for the clinic’s assessment.